Our World needs more trees!   A Planet with trees is lush and green and healthy. Trees are beautiful medicine for this generous World we are blessed to call home.

A healthy planet means the Humans are healthy. And healthy Humans means the planet is healthy. We are one united planetary system living in a reciprocal relationship.
With deep rooted gratitude we accept donations to further our tree planting healing work.

hay čxw q̓ ə – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We raise our hands up to each and every one.

To give online, please use the Donate button.

If you would rather send a cheque, please email us at in order to ask for our mailing address.  Thanks.

Purchase a Tree -Help Heal the World

Adopt a Tree

Your tree will be planted with tender love and care to make the most powerful difference possible. Sequestering tonnes of CO2, providing homes for thousands of different species, all while becoming drought and wildfire resitant. The best Heal All Solution.

Receive a beautiful ‘From California with Love’ postcard with your Sequoia’s precise GPS coordinates and Sequoia tree info. A glance at this card will remind you each time that you have helped our Earth by planting trees!

And Dedicate that Tree

Dedicate a Sequoia to Honour yourself or your Loved one in a most Special way. The gift that lasts longer than a lifetime. 

Simply provide your special persons name and address and we will mail out a limited edition retro California Sequoia postcard to them complete with facts about Sequoias a Geotag for Each Tree! 

To Adopt & Dedicate a Tree:

Steps for Sequoia tree dedications & gifting:
  1. Pay for the tree using the button below
  2. Email and let us know name and address for your gifted sequoia postcard and we will take care of the rest!  (You may also add a short message for your lucky recipient if you choose, so let us know.)

Thank you for purchasing a newly planted Sequoia tree on your loved one’s behalf and helping our beautiful Mother Earth in the process! 

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

 Sequoia Solution is a non-profit society passionately committed to Healing Humans and Healing Earth by creating opportunities for all people to plant lots and lots of trees. To that end, we gratefully accept donations to help us ‘grow’ our shared tree loving healing goal. Donations to financially support this most important work assist with operating costs such as printing and design costs, market booths, social media and website costs, planting shovels and equipment, soil, tree purchase costs, transport and shipping of baby sequoia trees from California nursery. Thanks for your contribution which means we can plant even more trees!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

You Can Volunteer With Sequoia Solution!

Getting outside is good for you, and it is a safe way to join with us while keeping social distance.
The forest is a healing place. Join us in planting Sequoias!

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We will provide the trees and shovels, all you need to bring are your gloves, boots, and a smile!

Come Plant with Us!

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We will provide the trees and shovels, all you need to bring are your gloves, boots, and a smile!